Credit Road Project, 2015. Pen on Paper, 8.5"x11"

Credit Road Project, 2015. Pen on Paper, 8.5"x11"

You can commission a customized painting or drawing!

Love your home? Miss your old home? Have a holiday house, or a business that revolves around building, decorating, or vending homes? Do you just have a soft spot for that glorious mansion with the turret near the park? Or do you prefer the mangled, boarded up place with the mansard roof next to the great barber?

If you've got a scene in mind that you'd like a drawing or painting of, do get in touch. It's a great housewarming/housecolding gift, as well as a simple, heartfelt reminder of an edifice that presumably has some significance to you!

I am also capable of honouring barns, garages, or pets, rendered in loving detail. Let's chat about your ideas. If you have a photo, that is always a good place to start, as I usually need a reference to paint or draw from. 

Please get in touch! Wait time for commissions can be up to a month for the paint to dry.

Thank you!


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